Yep, this is my wiki! I guess I'll give you a little information on why I made, and...we'll see from then on! :D

Why did I make this wiki?

Well, I had an old writing wiki, that anyone could edit it (if you like writing, go join! Here's a link: it looks similar because I made it from scratch, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it! xD) but I had/wanted to leave for a lot of different reasons. I didn't wanna give up writing tho, so I made this place!

How often will I edit?

Well, I'll try to edit everyday, but I might not make it. I'm in High School, and I get loaded down with homework quite often ;-; xD But I'll try to make a blog and add something to one of my stories everyday.

Well, thats about it!

So, bye.

Oh! Wait! I remembered something, I think I might make like.... certian kinda blogs every certian day. Like, I'll make one about...I dun know, politics every wednesday, and one about my current book on Fridays, we'll see.

Now I'm good, bye xD

Te Las Monos Muertos You Killed The Monkeys

Evil Beware We Have Waffles 21:29, December 8, 2012 (UTC)

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