Okay, I'll make another blog for my paper thingie in a sec, but I have four things to say.


I feel so much better compaired to yesterday. I don't know what I'd do without you Benedryal <3


So, Here are my two pecies of good news :D

#1 - Newest Adventure Time

OMG THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!! I loved the little ball one and Charlie (I think it's a reference to Charlie the Unicorn). They like, formed so weird thingie with Jake and it was just awesome. It made my feels feel better <3 <3 <3

#2 - Pokemon X and Y

Yes, if you haven't heard they're the 6th generation of pokemon. They will be for the 3DS only, and will be actual 3D models, like, Pokemon XD was sorta. It'll be out in October sometime (I'm not sure if thats worldwide or not tho :/)

Here are the starters: (Please note Nintindo that I got these from Bulbapedia, please don't sue me)

Now other info is known about them (as in, if they're dual type, their evolutions, etc.). The region is not named, but is supposedly based on France. No other pokemon are shown, but they have two pictures of the legendaries. X (because it's blue) is a deer (it's blue too, thats why I think it's for X) with big antlers and Y's is (because it's red) a bird. If I'm remebering correctly. So yeah, I'm going to be getting them :D I bet, if they make a thrid one this time, that i'll be Z xD

So Imma go write that blog :D


Te Las Monos Muertos You Killed The Monkeys

Evil Beware We Have Waffles

Mokey Mokey Mokey Mokey Smackdown!!!!!!! 21:29, January 8, 2013 (UTC)

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