I'm a little tired *yawn*.

Nothing much happened today. I don't remember if mentioned this, but yesterday my Science tearcher forgot I was in her class (;n;) this is how it happened (bold is me):

"Oh!" She looks up at me, "Are you joining us today?"

"N..No...I was here yesterday..." I say sadly.

It dawns on her, and she looks at me, giving me an "aw fuck" look "Oh..." She says as I take my seat.

So yeah xD It was kinda funny tho, because she kept coming over to my seat and asking if I needed anything, and one time (I guess everyone one else was just fucking around) that she was proud of me for working so hard. She did the same thing today too xD

Hrrm, I feel like I'm cussing a lot... meh, I don't really care, this is how I normally talk anyway.

So yeah, I'm forgettable apperentally xD

Bai :3

Te Las Monos Muertos You Killed The Monkeys

Evil Beware We Have Waffles

Mokey Mokey Mokey Mokey Smackdown!!!!!!! 22:35, January 9, 2013 (UTC)

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