Sorry I haven't been on much. My sister is up for the week (and until this coming up Wednesday), so I've been spending the whole day with her for the past week xD I'll return to normal (well, you'll see in a bit) activity soon.

What I mean by normal activity, is not what it has been for this summer (aka, me on 24/7).

School is starting the Monday before my sisters leaves (she lives with her mom, and is going to college (tho I think she's going to be in a dorm from now on)). I'm going to be a Junior, and I need to really start doing better in school, aka, I'm going to have to start doing Homework lol.

So I'll start doing Homework when I get home. As soon as I'm done, I will get on (unless I have something super important (projects, etc) to do or if it's to late Dx) tho.

So yeah.

My sister is at her other grandma's house today, so I'll be on for one last full day, cause tomorrow is my last day of summer, but she'll be here so xD

Anyway, baiii

Mudkip.png Derp That's what I am don't judge me 17:23, August 10, 2013 (UTC)

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