Well, here's what I got for Christmas, which, I opened last night at 10 something, but, I spent the whole night playing with the last thing, and spent time with my relitives eariler today, so I'm making this blog now xD:

  1. Pokemon Black and White 2 (I'm on the thrid gym in Black, haven't started on White yet)
  2. Angry Birds Pajamas
  3. A Razor and Shaving Cream
  4. 40 dollars to Books-A-Million
  5. 30 dollars from my Mee-Maw and Pa (a check, so it's for whatever)
  6. The first three Books in the Wicked Series
  7. The new Rihanna CD
  8. The newest Amy Whinehouse CD
  9. Epik Micky 2 for 3DS
  10. Boxers and Tube Socks (I can't stand those little short socks, I pull mine up all the way (almost to my knees) like a nerd xD)
  11. A new long-sleeve shirt
  12. A white-cocoalate orange (it's orange flavored cocoalate)
  13. A new, eletric, toothbrush
  14. Big Bang Theory (the TV show) Triva card game
  15. new purple ear buds
  16. 20 dollars
  17. another 40 dollars from My granddad and step-grandma
  18. And....last but not least, a Pro Controler, Assassin's Creed III and Super Mario Bros. U for my new new DELUXE WII U!!!!! (which came with NintendoLand)

So yeah. My Nanny (Bio. Grandma) came over and we had brunch.

We're gonna go out for dinner, cause my mom doesn't have anything thawed out xD

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