The Emerald Bracelet - The Emerald Bracelet gives its wielder a green colored energy bow, and, when working with The Diamond Ring, it makes its wielder the best bowman/woman alive. It also senses when someone with evil intentions is near.

The Ruby Pendant - The Ruby Pendant calms its wielder mentally, allowing them to focus their mind in times of great stress or danger, pales in the presence of evil, poison, or misfortune, to warn its wearer to defend itself from attack by an enemy. It also gives the ability to heal anything, but this works best on venom.

The Diamond Ring - The Diamond Ring has the power to give physical strength to its wearer, as well as the ability to remove pestilence from the land. It also can made a crystal-white energy form of any weapon (ex:Arrows, Swords, Axes, Maces, etc).

Bow of Morning Light - The Bow of Morning Light can shoot Arrows of Light at it's opponents. Otherwise, it is just like every other bow.

Rod of The Heavens - The Rod of The Heavens is very mysterious, no-one knows what it can do or who made it.

Blade of Evil's Bane - It can destroy the deepest and darkest shadows. It can see it's wielder and enemy's true intentions. It is a silver blade with a blue glow and a purple bat-wing shaped crossguard.

Death Bringer - It can grant awesome dark power, but leaves it's user severally weak. It can also raise the dead. It is a huge black sword with red colored Twili Runes.

Abyss Carver - It gives its wielder immense strength, but they eventually turn into beasts. It is a dark grey, single sided axe.