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Azrael is the Prince of the Seraph Empire, and after the Invasion of Darkness trains to become one of the ancient Warrior Grigori.


The Seraph are an angelic, magic-wielding people. They are ruled by the Royal Line of Seraphiel before the Invasion of Darkness, with the first born male children being the Prince, and future king. Samael is the brother of Seraphiel the Eighth, and, after being banished, returns with the Fallen and takes over the Empire. The Royal Line of Seraphiel, minus Samael after his Fall, have white wings. The rightful heir to to the Seraphiel Throne is Azrael.

The PowersEdit

The Powers are the Royal Army of the Seraph Empire. They do the bidding of the crowned King of Seraph. Before the Invasion of Darkness, they were led by the three Archangels: Gabriel, Camael, and Barachiel. After the Invasion of Darkness, they are led by Samael.

The VirtuesEdit

The Virtues are the Royal Police of the Seraph Empire. They patrol the Seraph Empire to ensure that it's inhabitants are following the Rules of Seraph. After the Invasion of Darkness, they are disbanded.

The GrigoriEdit

The Grigori are powerful Seraph sorcerers, seven in number, who protect the Lands of the Seraph Empire, and serve the Royal Family. They are lead by the Metatron. After the Invasion of Darkness they serve Camael. Each member of the Grigori have a special color: Purple - Michael, White - Raphael, Black - Kushiel, Red - Uriel, Blue - Ramiel, Green - Nuriel.

The MetatronEdit

The Metatron, Raziel, is the leader of the Grigori. He is the Royal Sorcerer, and, along with the Royal Family, protects the Lands of the Seraph Empire. He went missing during the Invasion of Darkness. He is stronger that all of the Grigori together, and his color is Gold.

The FallenEdit

The Fallen are Seraph who sided with the Second Heir in his clair to the Seraph Throne. They were then cast out of the Seraph Empire upon their defeat. They return and start the Invasion of Darkness, and defeat the Seraph Emperor. Samael is the Commander of the Dark Armies.

The GardenEdit

The Garden is the capitol city of the Seraph Empire. There are seven circles of the city, from lowest to highest importance, there are called: Araphel, Raqi'a Shehaqim, Ma'on, Makhon, Zebul, Araboth

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