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About the seriesEdit

This is set many years before Avatars Aang and Korra, but many years after Avatar Wan (the first Avatar if you didn't know).

Read the series to find out more! :D


Book 1 - Spirits

The Black Spirit | The Great Divide | The Fortuneteller | Rage From Beyond | The Serpent's Riddle | The Lady Of The Mist | The Isle Of Lost Spirits | A Time Before Time | Magic Of The Spirits | The Crossroads Of Destiny | The Moon's Shadow | The Guru | An Avatar's True Power | Reborn From Ash | The Awakening | The True Power | The Avatar State | Into The Inferno

Book 2 - War

The Avatar Returns | The Southern Warriors | The Blind Girl | Skeletons In The Closet | A Leaf In The Wind | A Swamp Of Lies | The Library Of Scared Knowledge | The Scroll Of A Thousand Truths | A Broken Balance | The Cave Of Fire | Return To The World | A Siege Of Fire | Imprisoned | The Old Master | The Mirror Of Truth | The Night Of A Thousand Stars | The Revelation | The Aftermath Of War



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