Pinestar - Redish-ginger tom with brown paws and underbelly with green eyes.


Hawkstep - Brown tom with green eyes and white underbelly.

Flounderpaw - Blueish-grey she-cat with a whitish-silver underbelly and grey eyes.

Medicine CatEdit

Stoneshadow - Black and dark-grey tom with ice blue eyes.

Tansyleaf - Happy grey, white, and black she-cat with bright green eyes.


Blacktalon - Black she-cat with blue eyes.

Riverpaw - Blueish-grey tom with amber eyes.

Goldpelt - Golden-brown and ginger tom with green eyes.

Snakefoot - Brown and grey tom with white feet and one amber eye and one green.

Rootpaw - Brown and black tome with amber eyes.

Dew-wing - White and grey she-cat with blue eyes.

Saplingpaw - Brown she-cat with green eyes.

Poppybreeze - Ginger and grey she-cat with dark amber eyes.

Foxpaw - Ginger and russet tom with green eyes.

Eaglewing - Brown and white tom with green eyes and a ginger foreleg. 

Rockstep - Brown tom with with blue eyes and a while underbelly.

Tangletail - Brown and white tabby tom with blue eyes.

Smoketail - Dusky-grey tom with amber eyes. Mate to Icepetal

Redfoot - Black and white tom with ginger paws and blue eyes.

Duckwing - Grey and white tom with blueish-green eyes.

Rainpaw - Grey and black she-cat with amber eyes.

Queens & KitsEdit

Lichenfoot - Light ginger she-cat with white paws and underbelly with blue eyes, sister to Pinestar, mother to Shadowkit, Eaglekit, and Rock-kit, and her mate is unknown.

Shadowkit - Black and ginger she-cat with blue eyes.
Dark-kit - Black tom with bright eyes.
Crushkit - Black, brown, and white tom with dark blue eyes.

Icepetal - White she-cat with ice-blue eyes and a black tail-tip. Mate to Smoketail

Spark-kit - Black tom with bright amber eyes.
Shiverkit - Grey and black tom with amber eyes.
Mistykit - Blueish-grey she-cat with misty blue eyes.


Frostpetal - Ancient white she-cat with blue eyes.

Shatteredeye - Blind, black and grey tom.