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About The SeriesEdit

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  • Set 1
  1. The New Member
  2. A Lost Planet
  3. A Brush With Death
  4. Chilly Encounter
  5. Many Happy Returns
  6. The Enemy Of My Enemy
  7. Too Hot To Handle
  8. A Small Problem
  9. The Unsuspected Enemy
  10. The More Things Change
  • Set 2
  1. Back With A Vengeance
  2. Be Afraid Of The Dark
  3. Good Copy Bad Copy
  4. Horror In Space
  5. Mightier Than The Sword
  6. The Root Of All Evil
  7. Absolute Power
  8. Showdown
  9. Ghosts Of The Past
  10. And Then There Were None



Omega Starship

The Starship Omega

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