He watched as his worshipers bowed. They were tiny, insignificant bags of flesh filled with assorted liquids and gases of varying levels of vileness. They could do nothing but worship him, and he had decided long ago that making war on them would be incredibly boring, and not worth the time, nor the energy.

And oh, how long ago that time had been. He stroked his beard of tentacles remembering a time long past, a time that was very distant. Before he had come upon this strange, weak world, and its' boring, unlively inhabitants, he had been the king of a race of powerful beings.

They had conquered many a world, and even more people. They had defeated the Nythians, the Grag'Najs Empire, and even the People of Elderon. They were legends among legends, gods among gods, and now they were no more, destroyed by their own infighting.

And he, the king of his mighty people, was the last one alive. He had long since forgotten his own name, and even further then the names of his comrades.

What had happened to him? He was once a war master, the supreme king, and now, no more than that of a passing religious figurehead. He was the king of a doomed people, and now the god of a doomed religion. Ruin and failure followed him like lost shaggoth.

His glazed eyes focused on one of his clerics, as it spoke. The language was as incomprehensible as it was foul, and he could only understand the most simplistic form of it. The cleric spoke of another of his kind, one made of only glowing lights. One that he remembered well.

The being he spoke of, though he knew better that try to remember his name, was one of the most powerful of his kind, one of his generals. The general was as old as he was, if not, possibly older, and certainly more powerful, though, not as ambitious. He remember him as being a wise being, and a kind being. Had the eons changed the general like it had himself? He could only wonder.

He rose, his long arms and legs creaking with the effort. He told his cleric to lead him to his brother, and the cleric, pale as moonlight, led the way.

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