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Series BlurbEdit

Fire alone can save our Clan.

About the SeriesEdit

This is a "What if..." series of Warrior Cats wherein Firestar never came to the forest, leading to, among other changes (in both the past and futures of all of the Clans and cats that live therein) the early death of Bluestar, the rise of Tigerstar of ThunderClan, the mating of SandXDust, the non-existence of many Clan cats (Ravenpaw and some ThunderClan elders among those who never existed), Cinderpelt's becoming a Warrior (though to keep this as simple as possible, she will retain the name Cinderpelt), and the staying of Yellowfang in ShadowClan.

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Main CharactersEdit

Greystripe - long-haired solid grey tom.

Sandstorm - pale ginger she-cat.

Cindertail - dark gray she-cat.

Thornclaw - large, golden-brown tabby tom.

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  1. A Dark Leader
  2. The Mate From RiverClan
  3. An Alliance With ShadowClan
  4. A War With WindClan
  5. The Rebels Of ThunderClan
  6. The Death Of Tigerstar

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