Lilystar: Lilystar is a tiny tortoiseshell she-cat. Five lives left.


Stormsong: Stormsong is a dark grey and black tom.

Medicince Cat:Edit

Lightdash: Lightdash is a light golden tom with lighter white spots and green eyes.

Dewpaw: Dewpaw is a light grey she-cat with silver eyes.

Warriors: (Toms and she-cats without kits)Edit

Beethorn: Beethorn is a light brown and silver tabby she-cat with a short tail.

Shinepaw: Shinepaw is a white she-cat.

Eaglefoot: Eaglefoot is a brown and black mottled tabby tom.

Willowfern: Willowfern is a light gray she-cat with a long tail and white splotches.

Tigerpaw: Tigerpaw is a ginger tom with black stripes.

Swiftleg: Swiftleg is a black tom.

Berrypaw: Berrypaw is a dark cream-colored she-cat.

Fogclaw: Fogclaw is a light gray, with smoky patches tom with blue eyes.

Thornpaw: Thornpaw is a light brown tom.

Snakefang: Snakefang is a dark brown tabby tom.

Ferretpelt: Ferretpelt is a cream-and-brown tom.

Ratpelt: Ratpelt is a brown tom.

Dawnfur: Dawnfur is a white she-cat.

Poppyheart: Poppyheart is a tabby she-cat.

Addertooth: Addertooth is a dark ginger tabby tom.

Pumpkinpaw: Pumpkinpaw is a light ginger she-cat.

Deerflight: Deerflight is a pale brown tom.

Fishpaw: Fishpaw is a white and gray tom.

Snowflake: Snowflake is a white tom. He is former kittypet.

Darkpelt: Darkpelt is a black tom with brown eyes. Mates with Pantherfur.

Redspots: Redspots is a dark ginger she-cat with white paws and white-tipped ears and green eyes.

Jadepelt: Jadepelt is a small, frail, white she-cat with green eyes.

Mallowpaw: Mallowpaw is a light brown tom.

Dapplefur: Dapplefur is a blue-grey she cat with a dappled coat.

Heronflight: Heronflight is a grey tom with thick fur and blue eyes. Reedpelt: Reedpelt is a tabby tom.

Beetlepaw: Beetlepaw is a black and brown tom.

Robintail: Robintail is a dark ginger tom.

Queens: (She-cats with kits)Edit

Russetrain: Russetrain is a dark ginger she-cat.

Jaykit: Jaykit is a black and white tom.
Bloodkit: Bloodkit is a dark gingerish-red tom with one green eye and one blue.
Moonkit: Moonkit is a black and grey she-cat with pale green eyes.

Olivefur: Olivefur is a brown she-cat with tortoiseshell patches Mother to Swiftleg's kits

Flarekit: Flarekit is a ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes.
Smokekit: Smokekit is a black tom.
Featherkit: Featherkit is a soft, dark grey she-cat with bright blue eyes and a long furred tail.

Graywillow- Graywillow is a beautiful grey she-cat. Mother to Mintpelt's kits

Maplekit: Maplekit is a tortoiseshell she-cat
Aspenkit: Aspenkit is a brown and white tabby she-kit
Splashkit: Splashkit is a grey tabby tom
Volekit: Volekit is a brown tabby she-kit

Pantherfur: Pantherfur is a black she-cat with blue eyes. Nursing Darkpelt's kits.

Sandkit: Sandkit is a dusky brown tom.
Rockykit: Rockykit is a white tom with unusual pinkish-amber eyes.
Seedkit: Seedkit is a mottled grey she-cat.


Ripplewater: Ripplewater is a grey tabby tom

Shineheart: Shineheart is a blue-gray she-cat with bright green eyes.

Hardclaw: Hardclaw is a black tom with brown eyes.