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The Mother-Dog bent down to lick her pups' heads. "Come here my dears." She yipped softly to them. They flocked to her, nuzzling her. She watched them as they feed, love in her eyes. "Father-Dog with be back soon, then you all can go and play."

"But Mama," Gold growled, "It's cold and rainy outside, and I don't want to get my pelt wet!"

"Yeah!" Fire added, "Can't you just tell us a story? Maybe the one about Longpaws? I always love hearing it."

"Alright," Mother-Dog dipped her head. "This is the tale of how the Longpaws left to go be with the Sky-Dogs. Once, many moons ago, long before even I was alive, Longpaws roamed the land." Mother-Dog started, "They were tall, flat-faced creatures that walked on two legs, and they sme-"

"Mama," Gold whimpered, "We already know what they looked like! Get to the good part of the story already!"

"Gold!" Mother-Dog scolded, "That's no way to talk to me. I am your mother. Now then," She paused to take a lap of water from the small pond that she had settled next to, "One day, Storm-Dog was sad, and his tears started to drown the Earth-Dog.

"The Longpaws where scared. Soon, Storm-Dog's tears where too much for them, and they left. Some say the Storm-Dog killed them, others say the Earth-Dog took mercy on them, and took them with her to meet the Sky-Dogs, but no dog knows, because they have never been seen since the Great Flood."

"Mama," Gold asked, "Why would Storm-Dog do that?"

"Because Longpaws hurt dogs, some knowingly, others not." Mother-Dog yipped, "Now then, Papa will be back soon, until then, you all should get some sleep." Mother-Dog closed her eyes, and laid down her head.

"But Mam-"

"It's time to sleep Gold, you can ask more questions late." Mother-Dog growled softly, and fell asleep.

Chapter 1 - SweetEdit

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Chapter 2 - ShadowEdit

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Chapter 3 - BlueEdit

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Chapter 4 - WolfEdit

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Chapter 5 - ShadowEdit

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Chapter 6 - WolfEdit

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Chapter 7 - BlueEdit

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Chapter 8 - SweetEdit

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Chapter 9 - WolfEdit

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Chapter 10 - BlueEdit

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Chapter 11 - WolfEdit

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Chapter 12 - SweetEdit

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Chapter 13 - WolfEdit

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Chapter 14 - BlueEdit

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Chapter 15 - ShadowEdit

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