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About the seriesEdit

This is a "What if..." series, following A Hoenn Adventure. Everyone has dreams of becoming a Pokemon Trainer, but not all dreams come true, and not all dreams end well. There's a dark Pokemon going around and tampering with the dreams of Pokemon Trainers. It's up two three young Trainers to solve this mystery, along with some legendary help!

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  1. The Sinnoh Dream
  2. A Dark Pokemon
  3. Shadows Over Sinnoh
  4. The Evil Dream
  5. A Little Girl's Dreams
  6. The Psychic Trainer
  7. To Fight A Nightmare
  8. A World Of Dreams
  9. In Total Darkness

Characters & Pokemon

Gaiden BooksEdit

  1. Sinnoh Gaiden - After The Adventure: Cynthia
  2. Sinnoh Gaiden - After The Adventure: Barry
  3. Sinnoh Gaiden - After The Adventure: Caitlin
  1. Sinnoh Gaiden - Before The Adventure: Fantina
  2. Sinnoh Gaiden - Before The Adventure: Caitlin

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