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About the seriesEdit

This is a "What if..." series, following A Johto Adventure, and the Pokemon World has changed yet again. Red, Blue, and Green have died, and in their wake, a new generation of Pokemon Trainers must take up the charge of keeping the world in balance. A new land has even been discovered, Hoenn! Now, three young Trainers from this new land must learn what it means to truly be a Pokemon Trainer!

Read the series to find out more! :D


  1. A New Legend Begins
  2. A Rivalry Of Twins
  3. The Pokemon Genius
  4. The Twin Bond
  5. A Romance In Hoenn
  6. The Trio Of Power
  7. The New King Of Pokemon
  8. A Battle Of Legends
  9. Together Forever

Characters & Pokemon

Gaiden BooksEdit

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